Some people say you can't revise for the UKCAT - I disagree. There's no time to lose- so lets get started!

 The UKCAT tests your skills in 5 sections :

1. Verbal reasoning (44 questions in 22 minutes)
This tests how logically you think and how you are able to reason about written information.

2. Quantitative reasoning (36 questions in 23 minutes)
This is your ability to solve numerical problems

3. Abstract reasoning (65 questions in 16 minutes)
Assesses your ability to solve problems using convergent and divergent thinking

4.Decision analysis (26 questions in 32 minutes)
Assesses how able you are to infer judgements and make link between seemingly disparate groups of information in ambiguous circumstances.

5. Situational judgement test (60 items still to be confirmed in 27 minutes)
This looks at your judgement when dealing with situations that revolve around the workplace

Why not try a full UKCAT's worth of Abstract Reasoning practice exam questions! Click below! 


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