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 You will be presented with some text and must answer the questions which follow with “True” if the statement is correct, “False” if the statement is not correct or “Can’t tell” if from the information available it is not clear whether the statement is true or false.

Dogs as pets

Dogs are direct descendants of wolves, but don’t let this put you off keeping one as a pet! Dogs make ideal pets because of the very characteristics they get from wolves – those of companionship, friendship and trust. 

There are hundreds of breeds of dogs available to have as a pet if you want a pedigree dog, but also consider your local animal shelter. Every year thousands of dogs are abandoned by owners who don’t want them anymore, often due to not being able to afford to feed them anymore. If found these dogs are taken to the animal shelter where they await new owners, who can pick them up and give them a good home for free!

Regardless of whether you buy a pedigree dog or take a dog home from the shelter you should consider a number of things. First, do you have enough space for a dog? Whilst dogs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, even little dogs need plenty of space to run around and exercise. If you intend on keeping your dog in the house or haven’t got a big garden you should ensure that you have a local park or area where you can take your dog for a walk – although remember to take a bag with you to dispose of any waste should your dog need the toilet!

A big consideration is the cost of both buying the dog (if a pedigree) and feeding the dog. Large dogs could potentially eat a lot more than small dogs and this should be taken into consideration if your budget is constrained. Also, it is important that your dog has a nutritious and balanced diet, so generally it can be a good idea to buy your dog food from the pet store – many dog foods are even available in supermarkets! This pre-packaged dog food is better suited to a dog’s actual requirements than human food and can help stop your dog from getting too fat or suffering from malnutrition. Having said that, your dog won’t say no to a few scraps off the table as well!

No matter what dog you buy, show him or her all the love and attention they deserve and will be rewarded with a great friend – man’s best in fact!


1. Dogs are much friendlier than wolves 

2. Pedigree dogs are much more expensive than dogs from a shelter

3. Dogs are abandoned mainly because the owners can’t afford to keep them 

4. Pre-packaged dog food is better for a dog’s health than human food

5. Cost is the most important decision to consider when buying a dog 

6. It is illegal not to clean up dog waste in a public place 

7. Large dogs eat more food than small dogs

8. Dogs will live longer if fed nutritionally balanced food



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