UKCAT Verbal Reasoning Practice Questions Volume 1 Part 6

Writing a book

Writing a book can be  a rewarding and enjoyable pastime. However, a great deal of time and preparation is often required and it helps to plan out the process. There are at least 5 things you should always consider when writing your book

1. Who or what is the book about?

Most writers know exactly what they are going to write about before they sit down to write it! It is imperative that you develop your ideas fully otherwise your story may lack coherence and structure. Simply deciding who or what themes you are writing about, and starting to develop the main characters can help you visualise how the story will unfold. Most writers who fail to get their book published have simply forgotten to develop a targeted focus for their story.

2. Will the lead character be the “good guy” or the “anti-hero”

Nearly all books have a “good guy” as the main character although there are sub-genres dedicated to the so-called “anti-hero”. The anti-hero is very often an individual who tries to do the right thing but is stopped by something in their innate character. Anti-hero characters never appear in books with “good guy” characters as they are completely incompatible to each other and would clash within the storyline. 

3. How long do I want the book to be?

It is easier to publish novellas rather than novels. Novellas are shorter than novels and generally have fewer subplots going on in the background – the storylines are much more coherent and this is dictated by the small amount of pages on offer to the novella writer.

4. Do I need to do any research?

       This obviously is linked to the first point – will you have to do research around the topic you are    writing about or do you already have the skills and knowledge base in order to write about your topic already. Most fiction writers will undertake a period of research in order to add to the authenticity of their piece.

5. How much time can I devote?

Writing a book can be a time-consuming process! You need to ensure that you will have the time to fully prepare and dedicate yourself to writing your book – otherwise you might never finish it. For most people, setting deadlines helps to limit the amount of time you spend writing your book.

49. Writing a book is a popular hobby

50. Most books are fiction

51. Writers know what they will write about before they start

52. Writers who don’t get publish have not developed a targeted focus for their story

53. Anti-hero characters are usually men

54. “Good guy” characters appear in books more often than anti-hero characters

55. Anti-hero and “good guy” characters never appear in stories together

56. Shorter books are easier to publish than longer books

57. Fiction writers undertake research before writing 

58. Writing a book takes lots of time



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