UKCAT Universities - Do I need to take the UKCAT? Always check the official UKCAT website for official information!

Here is a list of all the Universities and Medicine Courses with course codes, which require the UKCAT to be taken prior to applying. It is a good idea to double-check this information with the Universities directly. Information is for 2013 entry. Always check course information directly with the University.

University Course
Univerity of Aberdeen Medicine (A100)
Graduate entry Dentistry (A201)
Brighton and Sussex Medical School Medicine (A100)
Cardiff University Medicine (A100)
Graduate entry Medicine (A101)
Medicine with a Preliminary Year (A104)
Dentistry (A200)
Dentistry with a Preliminary Year (A204)
University of Dundee Medicine (A100)
Medicine with a Premedical Year (A104)
Dentistry (A200)
Dentistry (Pre-dental year) (A204)
University of Durham Medicine (A100)
University of East Anglia Medicine (A100)
Medicine with a Foundation Year (A104)
University of Edinburgh Medicine (A100)
University of Exeter Medicine (A100)
University of Glasgow Medicine (A100)
Dentistry (A200)
Hull York Medical School Medicine (A100)
Imperial College London Medicine (Graduate Entry) (A101)
Keele University Medicine (A100)
Medicine with a Health Foundation Year (A104)
King's College London Medicine (A100)
Extended Medical Degree Programme (6 years) (A101)
Medicine Graduate/Professional Entry Programme (A102)
Dentistry Graduate/Professional Entry Programme (A202)
Dentistry (5 years) (A205)
Enhanced Support Dentistry Programme (A206)
University of Leeds Medicine (A100)
University of Leicester Medicine (A100)
Medicine (Graduate Entry) (A101)
University of Manchester Medicine (6 years including foundation year) (A104)
Medicine (A106)
Dentistry (BDS pre-dental year entry) (A204)
Dentistry (BDS first-year entry) (A206)
University of Newcastle Medicine (A100)
Medicine (Accelerated Programme, Graduate Entry) (A101)
Dentistry (A206)
University of Nottingham Medicine (A100)
Medicine with a Foundation Year (A108)
Plymouth University Medicine (A100)
Dentistry (A206)
Queen Mary, University of London Medicine (A100)
Medicine (Graduate Entry) (A101)
Dentistry (A200)
Queen's University Belfast Medicine (A100)
Dentistry (A200)
University of Sheffield Medicine (A100)
Medicine (Foundation Year) (A104)
Dentistry (A200)
University of Southampton Medicine (A100)
Medicine - Graduate entry (4 year) (A101)
Medicine - Widening access (6 yr) incl Fdn Yr 0 (A102)
University of St Andrews Medicine (A100)
Canadian Medical Programme (A990)
International Foundation for Medicine (B900)
St George's, University of London Medicine (A100)
Medicine (International) (A900)
Warwick University Medicine MBChB - Graduate Entry (A101)

Information provided may not be current or up-to-date, and all information should checked against official information and official sources.


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