Don't worry so much about your timing - worry about perfecting your UKCAT technique - at least to begin with. 

It is very easy to get carried away with worrying about the timing of the UKCAT exam It is a good idea to bear in mind that there is a time limit for each section - but if you make this your focus at the beginning of your preparation you will be sacrificing your UKCAT technique development. One of the best ways to fully understand what the questions require of you is to take your time to begin with and not worry about the clock ticking away. You need to disregard the time in order to fully reverse engineer each question - often while looking at the answer - to develop a clear understanding of what the question is really asking and what type of answer is expected. If you disregard this and plunge head first into timed test you may miss out on an opportunity to develop a perfected technique which in the end will make you quicker at answering the questions. In the end, timed practice tests are important and have their place - but you must crawl before you walk!

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