Determine which part of the UKCAT you find the hardest and which part you find easiest

It is important to have a clear strategy when carrying out your UKCAT preparation. This will help you revise efficiently and make the most of the time you have before the exam. One of the easiest ways to start with devising a strategy is to determine if there are any sections of the UKCAT you find more difficult or easier than others. This will become more obvious to you after trying a few practice questions from each sub section - many people take one look at abstract reasoning and realise that because it is a type of question they have never encountered before it is probably the hardest. However, what you find difficult may change as you progress with your preparation. 

When you have determined which areas are hardest it is wise to dedicate more time to these areas - the UKCAT questions you will face are all marked equally so it is essential that you do well across the spectrum. Areas which you are already good at or which you find easier require slightly less preparation - but do not fall into the trap of underestimating any part of the UKCAT!

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