UKCAT - Practice a little but often! 

The UKCAT is a long exam lasting around 2 hours and there is no end to the amount of practice you could do. However, it is very easy to feel overwhelmed when faced with trying to master each section of the UKCAT. To try to absorb all that information all at once is a difficult task. You may very quickly feel frustrated, distracted and disheartened - none of which is conducive to efficient practice. Therefore experiment with the learning style which is best for you.

Many people find that by doing a little bit of revision, but doing it often is better than trying to sit at their desk for hours and hours. Concentration is not a constant and many find that after an hour of solid work they begin to day dream or otherwise be distracted. By limiting the amount of work you do to around an hour, before taking a short break, you may actually improve your productivity! Break the large task of revising for the UKCAT down into  smaller pieces and smaller goals for each day and concentrate on achieving them. This can reduce the burden of trying to learn it all in one go, and may increase the amount of work you get done each day - which all adds up!

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