This is essential advice - start your UKCAT preparation as early as possible! It is easier to achieve great things when they are far off and you have plenty of time to prepare.

Begin by reading about the UKCAT, and about why it is used. You are tested on the UKCAT to give admissions tutors another way of distinguishing between you and all the other candidates who apply for medicine and therefore early preparation is essential - in order to identufy problems and weaknesses as soon as possible. You should write out a list of goals for what you want to achieve in the next number of months. This may be anything from a general "I want to get a top UKCAT score" to something more specific such as "I want to achieve a high enough UKCAT score to get into x university". 

Now that you have written out a number of goals for yourself, think about ways you will achieve them. If many of the goals you have set yourself for your UKCAT preparation revolve around understanding the UKCAT more, practicing lots of UKCAT questions and improving your UKCAT technique, then we believe you will have everything you need on this website to achieve this!

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