The UKCAT Situational Judgement Test 

The UKCAT Situational Judgement Test is designed to assess how you would cope and what your thinking process would be like in a scenario related to healthcare. You have 1 minute for the rules and 26 minutes to answer 71 questions.

This wasn't part of the UKCAT when I did it, so I can’t offer any personal advice, but from what we have heard it is best to use your common sense and don’t over complicate it or think too much. These tests have been introduced to our Finals exams for Foundation Programme applications, so I am about to get well acquainted with the style myself!

There are a total of 71 questions associated with 17 scenarios which are made up of 4 to 6 possible responses which must be rated. In total you will have 27 minutes for this section - 1 minute to read the instructions and 26 minutes to complete the rest of the section.

As always read the question. And then read it again. Be sure you know what they are asking you before you answer.

NOTE: The band you are awarded in this section will be passed on to the universities you apply to, but will be considered in a different way to the other subtests.

Have a look at the UKCAT tutorials to help you practice!


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