UKCAT Quantitative Reasoning Practice Questions Volume 1 Part 5

 Music festival

This table shows the number and type of ticket sold for a music festival, and the price of the various tickets available. Tickets are reduced in price for students, and tickets can be bought either for day one only, day two only or a two-day ticket which includes access to both days and overnight camping.

 35. In 2008, what proportion of total income came from adult 2 day ticket sales?

A. 79% B. 80% C. 80.26% D. 80.25% E. 80.27

36. What was the difference in total income between 2009 and 2011?

A. 1600 B. 1800 C.1900 D.2000 E. 2010

37. Between 2008 and 2009 there was a change in the number of tickets sold at the adult price. What was the percentage change in income from adult tickets between 2008 and 2009?

A. +12.50% B. +9.07% C. -6.25% D. -9.07% E. -12.50%

38. Booking a ticket incurs a booking charge per ticket regardless of quantity bought at one time. In 2009 this charge was £10 for tickets ordered over the phone, and £5 when tickets were booked online. In 2010 these charges were raised by 15%. In 2010 84% of student

tickets were bought online, the remainder by phone; in the same year 75% of adult tickets were bought online, the remainder by phone. What was the total income from booking charges in 2010?

A. £485438 B. £475639 C. £422120 D.461346 E. £48913

39. In 2011 a group of friends want to buy some tickets. In the group there are two students and three non-students. One of the students only wants to go one day, as do two of the non students. All the rest of the group wish to go for both days, with camping overnight. How much more will it cost the group as a whole to do this in 2011 compared to 2009?

A. £60 B. £65 C. £70 D. £55 E. £40

40. What percentage of ticket sales in 2011 were student tickets?

A. 75.53% B. 76.30% C. 76.33% D. 76.32% E. 77.48%

41. In 2012 the number of student tickets sold increased by 6.5% on 2011 figures, and constituted 70% of total ticket sales. How many adult price tickets were sold in 2012?

A. 88461 B. 89463 C. 89461 D. 88460 E.89460

42. On average how many tickets were sold between 2009 and 2011?

A. 72800 B. 74800 C. 73820 D. 73800 E. 73810


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