UKCAT Quantitative Reasoning Practice Questions Volume 1 Part 4

 Field 2 has a sheep pen labelled “s”, enclosed on two sides by a hedge, with the other two sides being made of a fence.

There is a fence all the way round the perimeter of the entirety of the farmer’s land.

Each field is divided by a hedge and has a gate.

25. What area of land (meters squared) does the farmer own?

A. 9850 B. 9840 C. 9745 D. 7650 E. 5907

26. The sheep pen has an area of 60 square meters, what total length of fence in metres was needed for it?

A. 4.63 B. 4.62 C. 16.62 D17.62 E.17.61

27. The farmer wants to put up a new fence around the perimeter all his land. The fence costs £12 per meter, how much will this fence cost?

A. £5060 B. £5064 C. £3552 D. £3554 E. £5046

28. The farmer decides to remove the sheep pen and decides to spray his fields with fertiliser. He needs 2 Litres of fertiliser for each square metre. The fertiliser comes in solid granules which are then dissolved in water. To make 1 Litre of fertiliser the farmer needs 200g of granules. The fertiliser is only sold in 11kg bags, costing £7.50 each. How much will the farmer have to spend to spray fertiliser on all of his land?

A. £110 B. £121.50 C. £112.50 D.£211.50 E.£11.25

29. The farmer wishes to inspect his land and so walks the route ABCDE signified on the diagram by the red dots, each of which is assigned a letter. Walking at 0.8 metres per second, how long will it take the farmer to walk this route?

A. 238.75 B. 152.8 C. 255 D. 256 E.152.7

30. When walking back, he decides to walk the route EDFBA and walks at 1.2metres per second. How long does this take?

A. 161 B. 159.15 C. 160 D. 159.17 E. 159.16

31. The farmer moves his sheep pen to field 4, and wishes to keep one side 13metres long and extend the other side to 10 metres long. What area will be left in field 4 outside the sheep pen after this is done?

A. 265 B.27.5 C.27 D.271 E.270

32. The farmer builds a 7m by 40m barn at one end of field 3. How much land will be left around the barn?

A. 152 B. 1520 C. 1521 D.1519 E. 153

33. From the remaining fields 1 and 2, the farmer hopes to grow wheat. He is able to grow 10 tonnes of wheat per hectare, how many tonnes can he grow? 1 hectare = 10,000 metres squared.

A. 7 B. 7.64 C. 8.0 D. 7.65 E. 7.66

34. After using some wheat as feed for livestock, the farmer takes the remainder to Market where he has secured a price of £200 per tonne. He receives £1120 for the wheat he has brought to the market – how many tonnes did he use to feed the livestock?

A. 2 B. 3 C. 4 D. 5 E. 6


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