UKCAT Quantitative Reasoning Practice Questions Volume 1 Part 2

 Bus timetable (all times in 24-hour clock format)

9. How long does it take to get from the Old shopping Centre to East lane

A. 22 B. 23 C. 24 D.25 E.27

10. Mr. Jenkins arrives at Market Hall bus stop at 4.06PM, how many minutes does he have to wait for the bus?

A. 4 B. 6 C. 8 D. 9 E.12

11. The bus sets off from the City Centre at 2.22PM. Due to traffic the bus is progressively later by 2mins at each bus stop it comes to. At what time will it reach Bedley Road?

A. 3.12PM B. 2.51PM C. 3.22PM D. 2.33PM E. 2.2PPM

12. Daniel has an appointment at the General Hospital. What is the time of the last bus he can get from Market Hall in order for him to arrive at the Hospital before 4.40PM, assuming no traffic?

A. 3.40PM B. 3.32PM C. 3.33PM D.3.30PM E. 3.39PM

13. If Dr. Peterson arrives at the Royal Infirmary bus stop at 1.13PM how many minutes will it be before he arrives at the General Hospital?

A. 61 B. 62 C.67 D.51 E.54

14. The bus travels at 23 miles per hour on average, between the City centre and Bedley Road – what is the distance in miles between the two stops?

A. 16.62 B. 16.64 C.16.65 D.16.61 E.16.63

15. On the journey from the city centre to the General Hospital the bus has an average speed of 27 mph. The bus uses 0.56L of fuel per mile

A. 11.58 B.11.59 C.11.56 D.11.60 E. Can’t tell

16. Mr. Davies reaches the Old Centre bus stop at 9.21PM - how many minutes ago did the last bus leave the stop?

A. 4 B.5 C. 6 D.7 E.8

17. The bus company decides to run a later bus from the City centre at 22.30PM. What time will this bus reach East Lane?

A. 22.59 B. 21.59 C.23.00 D. 22.29 E. 23.59


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