UKCAT Quantitative Reasoning Practice Questions Volume 1 Part 1

In the UKCAT you will be given 36 Quantitative reasoning questions to do in 23 minutes. In volume 1 we present you with 42 Questions - if you wish to time yourself complete all questions within 27 minutes. Good luck!

 A shop bulk sells pens to other companies and individuals, and generally the more products bought the cheaper the price; often for promotional purposes a company pay an extra charge on top of the cost of the pen to have a logo printed on the pen also. All prices are for 2011 and are in pence unless otherwise stated.

 Postage and shipping charges are waived for orders over £20

1. A small business needs 250 colour flyers for a promotion. How much will this cost?

A. £50 B. £40 C. £30 D. £7.50 E. £10

2. A customer needs 160 retractable pens and 300 black and white flyers. They want their logo to be printed on the pens. How much will they have to pay?

A. £14.75 B. £15 C. £14.67 D. £14.66 E. £66.60

3. A business has £600 available for advertising this month. How many basic pens with a logo can they buy to the nearest pen with this money?

A. 1200 B. 1400 C. 2000 D. 2002 E. 1999

4. The shop decides to offer an extra 15% discount to a regular customer on the price of their total purchase. The regular customer decides to buy 1000 colour flyers, 2000 black and white flyers, 150 Premium pens with colour logo and 400 retractable pens with colour logo. How much will they be charged?

A. £430 B. £425.50 C. £405.23 D. £380.50 E. £325.98

Number of pens Basic pen cost per pen Retractable pen cost per pen Premium pen cost per pen Cost for logo per pen 0-99 25 30 45 15 100-9999 20 26 43 10 10000+ 12 20 38 5

5. In 2012 there was a price increase of 5p per logo, 2p on every premium pen and 3p added to every colour flyer across all quantities. In addition a new shipping charge was introduced – for order less than £99 the charge is £5 and for orders between £100-1000 the charge is £5. How much could a customer have saved in total by ordering the following items in 2012 rather than 2011 – 70 retractable pens with logo and 600 colour flyers?

A. £21.50 B. £21.40 C. £25 D. £26.50 E. £27

6. The total cost of producing a colour flyer to the shop is 8.5p per colour flyer. If a customer orders 3500 colour flyers in 2011, what percentage of income is profit?

A. 30% B. 24.56% C. 29.18% D. 29.17% E. 29.71%

7. In 2011 the company made a gross profit of £424,250 which was an increase of 1.2% on 2010. What was the gross profit in 2010 to the nearest pound?

A. £419219.37 B. £419218 C.£419219 D. £419217 E.£419216

8. The company had to pay 12.5% tax on gross profit in 2011. How much money was left after taxation to the nearest pound?

A. £371218 B. £371217 C. £371216 D.£371219 E. £371220


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