How is the UKCAT markedAlways check the official UKCAT website for official information!Information is for 2013 entry. Always check information directly with official sources. 

The UKCAT is marked automatically by computer, and your results will be printed out and given to you by an administrator just after you have finished your test i.e. you get your UKCAT results on the same day you sit the test. 

The UKCAT is not negatively marked and how well or badly you do in one question does not in any way affect your mark in other questions or sections. It will also not influence what questions you get later in the exam. The actual score you get in each exam is then converting into a scaled score.

You will receive your marks for each of the individual subtests (Verbal reasoning, Quantitative reasoning, Abstract reasoning and Decision analysis) and also the average of these - this is your actual UKCAT score. The UKCAT scaled score is between 300 and 900, and the average candidate scores around 600-although this differs every year. The reason why this differs is due to how your UKCAT score is ranked against other candidates.

The "average" score was set by the first number of students to sit the exam -the UKCAT test sample- the UKCAT examiners calibrate the scores and set the average. Therefore in order to get a good UKCAT result, you must achieve a test result that is in the vicinity of what the best students in the UKCAT test sample. It is important to note that these scores are not made publicly available. However, the UKCAT consortium do release some information. The following data is from 2012:

2012 Testing Statistics

The total mean average score in 2012 was 2515.

Mean average scores for the subsections were:

  • Verbal Reasoning 580
  • Quantitative Reasoning 656
  • Abstract Reasoning 633
  • Decision Analysis 646
Deciles for 2012 are given in the table below


The following data is from their 2010/2011 Annual report:

Total number of applicants:   25, 257

Sub section                              Mean score                

Verbal Reasoning                              574.32

Quantitative Reasoning                    673.30

Abstract Reasoning                           625.80 

Decision Analysis                              615.55

Total scaled mean score = 2488.96

Information provided may not be current or up-to-date, and all information should checked against official information and official sources.

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