Lots of UKCAT help, to assist you with your preparation for the test! Read on for information on which Universities require the test as well as dates, cost and marking. Always check the official UKCAT website for official information! Information is for 2013 entry. 

The United Kingdom Clinical Aptitude Test (UKCAT) is an entrance exam that was created in 1996 by a collaboration of Medical schools and Dental schools in the UK and Pearson VUE, an electronic testing company. 

The test is used by a number of Universities as an additional indicator of a candidate's abilities, in order to aid the selection process for certain schools of medicine and dentistry. As an additional indicator, the Universities which place emphasis on the UKCAT test score do so in conjunction with other indicators - such as AS and A level results, abilities at Interview and Personal statement etc. 

The 2013 UKCAT test lasts for 2 hours and during this time 5 sections are tested - Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, Abstract Reasoning, Decision Analysis and the Situational Judgement Test. 

Please note that the score you receive in the 2013 Situational Judgement Test will be provided to the Universities you apply to and will affect your overall UKCAT score. Therefore the Situational Judgement Test score you receive will affect your application to the various medical or dental schools you wish to apply to. You can find more information here

There are two forms of the UKCAT test - The Standard UKCAT and the UKCATSEN (Special Educational Needs) which is intended for candidates who have a documented medical condition or disability.

Section                                       Questions             Standard Test Time      Extended Test Time

Verbal Reasoning                              44 Questions                    22 minutes                           28 minutes                  

Quantitative Reasoning                  36 Questions                    23 minutes                           29 minutes

Abstract Reasoning                          55 Questions                    13 minutes                            18 minutes

Decision Analysis                              28 Questions                    44 minutes                           42 minutes

Situational Judgement Test          71 Questions                     27 minutes                           33 minutes

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