OK so you’ve survived the Abstract Analysis, time to take a break right?

Wrong - the Decision Analysis part of the UKCAT is no walk in the park either. Decision analysis tests your aptitude at making decisions when you don’t really have the full picture (isn’t that what doing a UKCAT is generally like?). It causes you to suspend your normal logical train of thought and start to create links and bonds between bits of information which originally seemed like they weren’t really connected at all. And involves translating a code. Yes a code.

You’ll have one minute to read the rules and then 31 minutes to answer the 26 questions all linked to one scenario. When I did it mine was about pirates! Your scenario might include anything from text to tables with plenty of information in them, and each question may have four or five possible correct answers. If more than one option is correct – which happens – you’ll have to choose all the correct ones.

It’s a good idea to use the whiteboard for this question – if you haven’t already torn it up in a rage at the abstract reasoning questions. Translate the code as best you can, and choose. Sometimes I find going with my ‘gut instinct’ (or enteric nervous system for those of you already studying anatomy lol).



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