UKCAT Decision Analysis Practice Questions Volume 1

If you wish to time yourself you should complete the following 26 questions in just over 31.5 minutes. In the real 2013 UKCAT you will face 28 Decision analysis questions to complete within 28 minutes. Good luck!

 1. (A,1), B, 9(A4)

A. Give me the car keys

B. Give me my car keys

C. Take the car keys

D. I was given the car keys

E. The car keys were mine

 2. B, A7, DE

A. I will be unable to go to the party

B. The party was full of people

C. I was unable to go to the party

D. I am unable to go to the party

E. I am having a party

 3. 1, (AB), (13,2), 8, (A11)

A. This room is very hot, take off your scarf

B. If you take off your hat, you will get cold

C. You took off your hat and now it is cold

D. Take your hat off it is hot in this room

E. Your hat has made you warm in this cold place

 4. B16, (14A17)

A. I like these shapes

B. I like the pyramids

C. I liked the pyramids

D. I went to the pyramids

E. I like making pyramid shapes

 5. AB, (19,2), F17

A. Those gloves are very small

B. My gloves are very big

C. Your gloves are very small

D. My gloves are small

E. The gloves are small

6. BG, 18, F20, (3, 8)

A. I need help finding DIY store

B. Help me find the tool shop

C. I was helped to find the nearest tool shop

D. Help me get to a nearby DIY store

E. Help me find the nearest DIY shop 

 7. A(6, H) B,F, D(EI)

A. Today I made many friends

B. Today I made a friend

C. I made a friend yesterday

D. I have lots of friends from long ago

E. In the past I made many friends

 8. BG, 7, B9, 12

A. Help me move some things into my car

B. Help me move into my car

C. Help me into my car

D. I was helped to move into my car

E. Move some things into my car

 9.   B15F, AB, 7, B18

A. I am glad you came to see me

B. Are you coming to see me?

C. I was surprised you came to see me yesterday

D. Tomorrow I will come to see you

E. I am very surprised you are coming to see me

 10.   (B15), C, (11,21)

A. The cold air surprised me

B. I am surprised at just how cold the air is

C. The cold air surprises me

D. I am shocked by the heat in the air

E. I am surprised at how cold it is tonight

 11.   A1, B, FC, 22

A. Time is ticking

B. Give me a help this time

C. Give me more time

D. Give me more time tomorrow

E. Give me less time

12. (23A), H, 16, 7, (A11), 8

A. She is happy as she is on holiday

B. She was happy when she went to that warm holiday resort

C. She will be happy when she goes on holiday to a warm resort

D. When she arrives she will be in a beautiful warm place

E. Happiness is a holiday to a warm place 


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