UKCAT Decision Analysis Practice Questions Volume 1 Part 2

 13. (AHA6)22, B10, (21,7)

A. Now I will take an airplane

B. I took an airplane

C. You are taking an airplane with me

D. Give me my airplane ticket

E. Why are you taking an airplane?

14. DE, A16, (B,8,3)

A. I don’t enjoy doing DIY

B. We don’t like housework

C. I don’t care about DIY

D. My husband likes DIY

E. My wife likes DIY 

15. A1, 23, 2, (23,11,15)

A. Don’t give him anything to eat he is in shock and cold

B. Give him some clothes he is cold

C. Give him a blanket he needs to keep warm to stop getting shock

D. Give him some clothes he is wet and In shock

E. Give him clothes he is cold and in shock 

16. (AB)7,8B, 12, 9

A. You should travel places in your car

B. You and I should travel places

C. You move places with me in the car

D. The car is moving places and us

E. The car is going to places we need to go 

17. 4(D19)B, (A18,A24)

A. Lock the doors and don’t look down

B. If you are going to look down don’t panic

C. Don’t look down, lock the door

D. Lock hands with me and don’t look down

E. You locked hands with me and didn’t look down 

18. 1, (AB, 19), 5, B9

A. Take your hands off my car

B. Take your hands off my cars

C. Take your foot off my car

D. Take your hand off my cars

E. Take your hand off my car 

19. B(A24), A(H, 6)

A. I am feeling down

B. I am going away tomorrow

C. I am feeling down today

D. I am feeling up today

E. I was feeling down yesterday 

 20. B13, A16, 6, (18,24)B

A. Heads hurt when looking up

B. My head hurts when looking up

C. My head hurts when I look up or down

D. My head hurts when I look up

E. My head used to hurt when I looked up

 21. AB, GB, A5(B2)

A. Help me put on my clothes

B. I need help putting on my clothes

C. I needed help putting on my clothes

D. You help me put on my clothes

E. You need help to put on your clothes

22. (17,19),7, (A19,A7)

A. A big hand moves faster than a small one

B. The small hand moves the big hand stays still

C. The small hand moved, the big hand stayed still

D. The smaller the hand the more movement

E. The big hand moves, the small hand stays still 

23. Take me clothes shopping in your car

A. B7, 16, (2,8)

B. B1, 12(B9), (2,8)

C. B, 12(B9), (2,8)6

D. B16, 22, 12, (2,8)

E. B1, 12(B9), (3,8) 

24. She doesn’t like learning about trigonometry

A. 23, A16, 25(D14)

B. A23, 16, 25(D14)

C. A23, A16,18(D14)

D. A23, A16, 25(D14)

E. A23, A16, F25(D14) 

 25. Look! Help is coming

A. 18, G, 7

B. 18, BG, 7

C. 18, 7B, G

D. 18, G, 7B, 6

E. 18, G, 7B, H

 26. It is time to take a deep breath

A. A(H, 6), 22, 21

B. A(H, 6), 22, (AF21)

C. H,22,(F, 21)

D. 6, 22, (F, 21)

E. 22, A(H, 6), (F,21)

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