Important UKCAT dates and help on when to take the test. Always check the official UKCAT website for official information! Information is for 2013 entry. 

Registration for 2013 Opens                         1st May 2013

Testing begins                                                  1st July 2013

Deadline for registration                                 20th September 2013

Deadline for Bursary Applications                 20th September 2013

Deadline for Exemption Applications            20th September 2013

Final Date of testing                                         4th October 2013

When you should start practising                  As soon as possible!


The price of the test varies according to when and where you sit the UKCAT.

For 2013:

Tests taken within the EU between 1st July and 31st August are £65

Tests taken within the EU between 1st September and 4th October cost £80

Tests taken outside the EU cost £100 regardless of when they are taken

REMEMBER: There are BURSARIES available which can you apply for to cover the cost of the UKCAT!

When  to take the test?

When you book your UKCAT test, you can choose to book a particular date and time slot - depending on what is available for the test centre you wish to sit the test at. Therefore many people believe it is a good idea to at least book the UKCAT as early as possible, even for a date well in the future as you will have your choice of dates and time slots.

The choice of which month to take the UKCAT in is a personal one that only you can decide. However, it is wise to choose a date which will give you enough time to practice thoroughly in order to gain the highest score possible. In addition, you may find it an advantage to book the UKCAT for a time when you will not be busy doing other things e.g. before you go back to school etc. 

There are many theories as to the best time of day to sit your UKCAT- again, this comes down to personal choice. However, if you are aware that you usually perform better in other exams you have done, or generally feel more comfortable in either the morning or afternoon, then it may be wise to book your test for that particular time of day.

However, the reasons for doing the UKCAT in any particular month or at any particular time of day are as unique as the individual candidates sitting the test. In summary, it is best to decide what is right for you

Information provided may not be current or up-to-date, and all information should checked against official information and official sources.

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