Uh-oh. What are all those random shapes and figures on the page? If you’ve ever thought like that then you were probably looking at a page of Abstract Reasoning.

We have lots of free UKCAT Abstract Reasoning Practice questions for you to try!

We also have  2 volumes of 65 full Abstract reasoning exam questions each with full answers and explanations

 It sends a shiver down my spine to this day. Abstract reasoning is apparently used to assess your ability to critically evaluate information and generate informed hypotheses. But when I look at the page all I see are random shapes! This is a common sentiment though so if you’re like me then don’t feel alone most of us feel the same way about Abstract Reasoning. This was a section where doing it without lots of examples from books I feel would have been next to impossible. You need to practice. And you need to start now.

Abstract reasoning lasts for 16 minutes (that’s 16 minutes of hell) during which time you have one minute to read the rules of the game and then 15 minutes to complete 65 questions based around 13 pairs of random shapes termed A and B. You’ll have to work out if the shapes are related or not, and if so why.

I don’t know why they test it but you’d better get good at it. It feels like I spend my life in hospitals on the wards and I’ve never seen anything like that in any patient’s notes or blood results – but the powers that be want you to be good at it and good at it you will be. Just practice and be patient. Don’t go too hard on yourself, but don’t underestimate the beast that is Abstract Reasoning either. Good luck.