Abstract Reasoning Volume 2 

Here are 65 Abstract Reasoning Questions 
If you want to time yourself you should complete all 65 questions in just over 16.5 minutes. In the real 2013 UKCAT you will face 55 abstract reasoning questions which you must complete within 14 minutes. Good luck! 


Questions 1-5 
 Set A- all black shapes sides add up to 12 and in each box the sum of all white shape sides is 4. 
Set B-the number of sides of all the black shapes are equal to the number of sides of all the white shapes
1.Set B
4.Set B
5.Set B

Questions 6-10 
Set A- adding up the sides of each shape gives an odd number, whereas Set B gives an even number. 
6. Set A
7. Set A
8. Set B
9. Set A
10. Set A 

Questions 11-15
There are four shapes in each small box in set A two white and two black. There are always 3 shapes in set B, one of which is always black. 
11. Neither
12. Set B
13. Set A
14. Neither
15. Set B 
Questions 16-20
Set A always has 3 objects that are black, Set B always has 2 objects that are black. 
16. Set A
17. Set A
18. Set B
19. Set B
20. Neither 
Questions 21-25
Set A – sides of shapes in each small square add up to 14, and the object with the largest amount of sides is always black. 
In set B within each small square the sides all add up to 13, and the shape with the smallest amount of sides is black.
21. Neither
22. Set A
23. Set B
24. Set A
25. Set A 
Questions 26-30
Set A -always an odd number of shapes but an even number of black shapes. Set B- always an even number of shapes but an odd number of black shapes. 
26. Neither 
29.Set A 
30.Set B 
Questions 31-35
set A each small box contains 12 right angles and always an odd number of shapes. 
Set B small boxes always contain 4 right angles and an even number of shapes. Colour of shapes is not important. 
31. Set A 
32. Set B 
33. Neither  
34. Neither 
35. Set B 
Questions 36-40
Set A-each of the three boxes that form the set always contains an even number of shapes, half of which are coloured black and contains 2 right angles in each small box. 
Set B-each of the three boxes always has 3 shapes, 4 right angles and two shapes are always black.
36. Set A 
37. Set B
39. Set A
40. Neither 
Questions 41-45 
Set A contains an odd number of shapes, but always contains a circle but no triangles. There are always an odd number of black shapes
Set B contains an even number of shapes but always contains a triangle but no circles, there are always an even number of black shapes
41. Set B
42. Set B
43. Neither
44. Neither
45. Set A 
Questions 46-50
Set A always contains 3 shapes which have right angles and are black
Set B always contains 3 shapes that do not have right angles and are black
46. Set B 
47. Set A 
48. Neither 
49. Set A 
50. Set A 
Questions 51-55 
Set A-all four sided shapes are white, all others black
Set B-all four sided shaped are black, all others white
51. Set A 
52. Neither 
53. Neither 
54. Set A 
55. Set B 
Questions 56-60 
Set A- there are 5 right angles and all non-triangles are black, triangles are white
Set B –there are 3 right angles and all triangles are black, all non triangles are white
56. Neither 
57. Neither 
58. Set A 
59.Set B 
60. Set A 
Questions 61-65
Set A- always a four sided shape in the top left hand corner
Set B always a circle in the bottom right hand corner
61. Set A 
62. Set A 
63. Neither 
64. Set B 
65. Set B 


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