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All applicants wishing to study at medical school must apply through the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) and this involves filling out the UCAS form. There are a number of important issues to bear in mind:

Remember the deadline for completing and submitting the UCAS form is earlier for medicine than for other courses. The deadline for 2012 is 15th October, and this applies to all applicants regardless of whether they are within or outside the EU.

 In addition, whilst you have five choices you may only apply to FOUR medical schools. You can still use the other choice, but it must be for a course that is not medicine - many use this as a "backup" choice in case they are not successful with the four medical schools they have applied to (this choice is not to be overlooked - if you do not get into medicine with your four choices, but are successful in your "backup" it may give you the opportunity to apply to graduate entry medicine at a later stage if you so wish to. Therefore it is worth putting some time and effort into this choice also.

There is a fee to apply through UCAS - for 2012 it is £22 for applicants using more than one choice, and £11 for applicants only using one choice. Payment is via the UCAS website although you may have other arrangements at your school, so it is best to check with your teacher or supervisor first.

It is important to remember that the Universities you apply to will not know which other universities you have applied to. However if you apply to two courses at the same University, that University will be aware that you chose those two courses.

If you are a student at school then normally your reference and your application will be sent away by your school, although you may have to do it yourself under your teacher's supervision.

If you are a graduate student and are still at or recently left University, your University may assist you. If you have left University already, you may have to apply completely independently, which means you will fill out the UCAS form yourself and arrange for your reference to be completed with considerably less support and structure - in this case it is wise to start early in case things don't go as planned. This will give you time to sort out any potential problems well in advance of the deadline.

If you wish to take a year out before starting your course, it is best to first check with the universities you wish to apply to that they will accept a deferred entry application. Even if you are taking a year out you must still apply as if you were starting the following year e.g. those who wish to defer entry so that they start medical school in 2014 after their gap year must still apply by the deadline of this year. If in doubt, get in contact with UCAS directly in order to clarify any issues. 

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