Medical school debt prohibitive to would be medical students

May 19th 2012

It appears that the amount of debt potentially accrued by attending medical school is stopping students from applying. With fees at £9000 per year at most Universities, the average medical student will leave university with over £45,000 of debt from tuition fees alone.

Add in living expenses and rent of over £6000 per year, this brings the total at the end of medical school at over £70,000.

Doctors were addressing the delegates at the BMA Junior Doctor's conference, and BMA leaders have called for industrial action in response to Pension changes - the first time Doctors have been balloted in the UK since 1975.

However, the Government has defended it's position on proposed new pension changes to Doctor's salaries. Under the new deal, Doctors would pay in more money per year, for longer, and yet would receive less than they currently do as a pension.

Dr. Dolphin, of the BMA's Junior Doctor Committee has said that in today's current climate he thinks it is unlikely medicine will be able to attract and retain the brightest A level applicants.