Ollie talks to Get Into Medicine about the medicine application process and getting a place to study medicine at Keele University 

 Looking back 12 months, to say applying to study medicine was a calm, relaxing process I couldn't be further from the truth. However, despite the daily checks of UCAS tracks, constant moans to my parents that I would never get into Medical school and being left in the unknown about a place for what felt like an eternity, it has all been so worth it. Personally, I have never been the most self-confident individual; always questioning my ability to be able to apply to a degree course that is one of, if not the, most competitive in the United Kingdom. Receiving my UKCAT score of 2550 (637.5 average) I felt that I didn't have much chance of being successful but applied wise, choosing medical schools that didn't specifically look at the UKCAT- Liverpool, Keele, Southampton and Sheffield. I cannot stress this upon you potential medical students enough.. you must apply to your strengths; look at the criteria for each university and pick the universities which appeal to you but also maximize your changes of a successful offer on UCAS track. Having sent off my application in September, I was lucky to receive an offer for interview from Liverpool for the 30th November. Phew! Somebody liked me.. Would this kickstart the others? Unfortunately, I let the nerves get the better of me and didn't come across very well. They said they would be in touch and I drove home; oblivious to the fact I wouldn't hear anything else from anyone for almost 3 months! January came and went as did February but still heard nothing. All my friends applying for other degree courses had all 5 of their offers back but I was yet to hear anything. March- Judgement Month as i like to call it. I knew that universities had to reply to me by March 31st so knew that the waiting game couldn't be much longer! Email from Liverpool- rejection Post-interview :(, Email from Sheffield- Rejection Pre-Interview, Email from Southampton- Rejection. In the space of a week, I had turned into a complete pessimist; convinced that I wasn't going to be successful at getting into medical school and begun to plan a gap year. However, to my delight, I received an interview from Keele for March 25th; their second to last interview slot. This was the new form MMI style interviews which i feel is much better as you're given 8/9 chances to sell yourself to the interviewers and can really do well. I left the interview feeling downbeat; my chances of medical school now hanging on by a piece of string. March 28th- Ahhh!! Offer time from Keele. How? I mean really? Do I really deserve this place? From that moment, my social life went completely out of the window. Every spare hour was spent doing revision; admittedly mainly chemistry which was always my A/B borderline subject. This hard work paid off giving me results of A*AA and a place at Keele Medical School this September. I can not articulate how excited I am to be starting Medicine this year.If I could offer one piece of advice to you potential medics, it would definitely be to have self-belief and confidence in yourself. If you're in a position to apply to medical school, you ARE good enough to be a doctor, you WILL be fantastic. It is this mindset that will see you through the months of waiting. I wish you all the very best in your applications to what I'm sure will be an amazing 5 years. Good Luck.

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