Andrew, a first year medical student at the University of Glasgow, talks to Get Into Medicine about applying to medicine, UKCAT and interviews! 

I’m Andrew, a first year Medical student at the University of Glasgow. I’ve got a term under my belt and since I started here I have not looked back.

I began my application during the summer of 2012. I finally decided that Medicine was definitely what I wanted to do and I told my school’s Careers Adviser. I had a good GCSE profile behind me and I felt nothing could stop me from getting a place at medical school. I booked my UKCAT for a few weeks after the end of my AS Levels, bought a practice book and started writing my personal statement. About 2 days before I was due to do my UKCAT I realised I had not done any work for it and panicked. I rescheduled the test for a week before my family holiday. I rescheduled again twice for after my family holiday but eventually did the UKCAT and was happy with my result.

At the start of September 2012 I began to think about which universities I would apply to, most of my friends had researched all summer and knew exactly where they wanted to go. After a lot of procrastination and heated debates with my parents I eventually browsed the Internet and prospectuses and decided to apply to Queen’s University Belfast (QUB), University of Edinburgh, University of St. Andrews and University of Glasgow. I had not taken enough time browsing the QUB website and I was rejected almost immediately for not having adequate AS Level results. I was later rejected by Edinburgh University; however, I received interviews for both Glasgow and St. Andrews in early December.

I interviewed at St. Andrews in mid-December, which was daunting as I had to talk about a piece of scientific literature that I had been given only minutes before. Unfortunately I narrowly missed out on a place.

My interview at the University of Glasgow was just before Christmas; with one interview down I went feeling very confident. I answered the questions to the best of my ability, then went home and enjoyed my holidays.

I was informed during February that I had not got a place at Glasgow University, but I was on a waiting list, this meant there was a possibility of a place come August. This was a very tense few months of waiting and A Levels.

Results day came and I scored AAB, with a B in Chemistry. I was certain I wasn’t going to be given a place a Glasgow University so I looked at other degrees in clearing and then decided to plan a Gap Year.

About a week later, while working to save money for a Gap Year, I received a phone call enquiring as to whether I would like a place to study Medicine at Glasgow University. Obviously I said yes immediately and then began the process of getting ready to go to University, I’ll leave the details for you to find out for yourself.

The main thing I would say about applying for Medicine at University is never give up hope. If you want to study Medicine enough then you will find your way into a University eventually.

Good Luck!

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