Get Into Medicine News can report that Academics have hit out at proposals for Peninsula Medical School to split into Plymouth Medical School and Exeter Medical school respectively.

It was a move that was welcomed by medical applicants all over the UK - having an extra medical school to potentially apply to is seen by many as a positive, especially considering how competitive medical school entry can be.

However, grave concerns about the proposed split were expressed at the BMA Conference of Medical Academic representatives. It is recognised by many that the South-West of England is in dire need of a fully functional and well-established medical school. However, conflict occurs when the issue of creating two, in close proximity to one another, arises.

Many have voiced concerns over whether it is really viable, both economically and academically, to have two medical schools so close to one another. The main fear expressed is that rather than one well-functioning medical school, there may be two without the resources to maintain effective medical education.

However, Peninsula Dean Professor. Thornton said that they both would be perfectly "viable" medical schools, and that they are not "the smallest schools in the UK"

The Get Into Medicine Team