BSMS Medical Student story - here current Brighton and Sussex Medical School Student Matt Owen recounts how he got into medicine 

I first applied for entry in 2010/11 to Cambridge, Southampton, Newcastle and BSMS. I was confident - I had good exam results, was head boy at my school, had some work experience both shadowing doctors and doing admin in a GP surgery and had previously been on an expedition to Chile organised and fundraised by a group of students and I, and was preparing to go on a similar trip to Nepal. So, when after achieving decent UKCAT and BMAT scores and attending 3 interview days (Southampton don't interview), you can imagine I was pretty devastated to not get in. This didn't stop me from carrying on working however, and this is probably the best advice I can give to medicine applicants - there is a good chance you won't get in, but that doesn't mean you aren't good enough so don't give up. For me, this meant I had to make a decision between going on to study a biomedical sciences degree elsewhere, or take a gap year and reapply. Before the rejections, I had always thought I would go straight into the biomed but as soon as they happened I knew I wanted to reapply as I felt I had been so close. So that's what I did. I went to Nepal, and as soon as I came back, I set about getting myself more work experience and organising another round of UCAS applications. This culminated in getting a years hands on experience as a healthcare assistant in a local hospice. This time, I applied to UCL, Imperial, Birmingham and BSMS, and it was this time only BSMS that gave me an interview. Beforehand, I persuaded the consultant and manager at work to give me a mock interview and thought as much as I could about what I could be asked and when I went to the interview, I was prepared, relaxed and confident. They still asked me some left-field questions, but just by being myself and being totally honest I was able to get an offer from them to come and study. There is no way I would have got into BSMS without the care experience - it gave me an extra side to my application, something that went beyond the academic and into the personal which is so important in modern medicine. Getting into medical school was the best feeling in the world and I'm sure every medical student will agree with me. 

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