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The BMAT is the Biomedical Admissions Test and like the UKCAT it is a popular medical entrance exam (although not as popular). Unlike the UKCAT it is completed not on a computer but using pen and paper and lasts 2 hours. It is comprised of three sections:

Section 1. Aptitude and Skills
This sections has 31 multiple choice questions (mcqs) or short-answer questions and you have 1 hour to complete it. It tests you generic data analysis and understanding skills.

Section 2. Scientific Knowledge and Application
Tests your science knowledge and your ability to use that knowledge. Generally not much more difficult than key stage 4 science, and is in fact based on the national curriculum. It lasts 30 minutes during which time you must answer 27 mcqs or short answer type questions.

Section3. The writing task
In this section you must complete an essay type question from a possible 4 and you have 30 minutes to do it.

How is it scored?
The questions in sections 1 and 2 are worth one mark each and this is then scaled. Average students get around a 5.0, while good and top students achieve between 6.0 and 7.0. The essay is marked by two examiners out of a possible 4 marks and you are also given a grade for the quality of the writing and use of English. If one examiner gives you an 4A and the other gives you a 3C then you are scored 3.5B.



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